These are our 60’s

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As a teenager in the 60’s, at Art College in London it is understandable that I would be drawn to anything that promises me the opportunity to relive these days.

I was delighted to be invited to the 5th Anniversary celebration of Ariadne Capital this month at which, as is her wont, Julie Meyer (she of First Tuesday fame) gathered around her the good and the great (200 entrepreneurs and investors) of the IT industry.

The topic, A Time of Choice: Building Society for the 21st Century, was addressed by JP Rangaswami – Global CIO of Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, Brent Hoberman – Co-founder of, Richard Duvall – Founder of Zopa (and previously Egg) and Alastair Lukies – CEO of mobileATM.

Their consenus was that, like the Industrial Revolution before it, the Information Revolution has been through the early market enthusiasm and subsequent crash (Infobank!) followed by a period of denial before emerging in 2006 as a solid pragmatic business.

These are our 60’s. It is about freedom, and a breakaway from the establishment to the power of the individual. No other group of companies so epitomises this "Time of Choice" as Google, Ebay/SKYPE, Mobile ATM, ZOPA, Navio, PAOGA, Apple/itunes and Friends Reunited.

Not only am I delighted that PAOGA is recognised as a market leader in such great company but also JP for telling the audience that ‘if you don’t understand the power of the individual, speak to Graham’ pointing me out in the audience.

Timing is everything – 2006 is our time. What a great time to take PAOGA to market. I wonder where I put that Kaftan?

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