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You can imagine how my wife, Yvonne, laughed when I told her that I had been asked to be interviewed for Chairman of the Month by the Chairman’s Network.  Lot’s of comments from her about ‘centre spreads’ and ‘staples’.

The article is quite fun and lighthearted but it does seem to suggest that I did all of these things in some sort of splendid isolation.  This is not at all the case as just about all of my achievements have been dependant upon the collaboration and support of a number of very special and skillful people over the years, not least my wife.  The failures I claim as my own.

So, if you read this article and think ‘Wait a minute, I recall I had a lot to do with that!’ then you are probably right and I apologise that this was not reflected in the article.  I can only put it down to the fact that this series is about individuals so was probably edited accordingly.

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