Q2, 2006

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OK – I realise that not posting to my weblog for 12 weeks is not acting in the spirit of this medium and the result is very likely that I am the only person reading this. My sincere apologies (as if you care!), but I’ve been busy.
I went skiing in Gstaad with a great crowd of people who actually know how to ski. I was promptly elected to organise the Apres Ski. I say they know how to ski but that skill paled into insignificance when the bottles came out! It would break confidences to mention any names but "You know who you are!"
Alex King celebrated 10 years at London Wasps over a few bottles of champagne at The Hurlingham Club.
I spent 3 days in Hong Kong watching the Rugby 7’s and managed to come back with more photographs of girls tatoos, it sort of got a bit out of hand, than rugby.


It was my birthday and I’m assured I had a really good time.
Saw Wasps win the Powergen Cup (again) at Twickenham and spent a weekend in Lyme Regis searching for fossils on Charmouth Beach.
I chaired a session at the Government UK IT Summit in London. On the panel were representatives from Identity & Passport Office, British Computer Society, GCHQ and an MP. The issue was ‘How can the government ensure a greater assurance of identity?’ Bit of a problem for them given the recent discovery that the DVLA have been selling personal identity details to criminals for £2.50 a time!!!
I did ask them how they would explain to their own families that the reason they were burgled whilst on holiday was because ‘Daddy said that criminals could have our details while we were away’.
Then Matt and I went off to Zaragoza to present at Chris Shipley’s Innovate!Europe’06. Great event, great speakers, lots of networking, historic dinners. We used the event to launch PAOGA Personal Identity Exchange (PIE) and were delighted with the positive response to not only the proposition but also the embarrassing photo backdrop I used to explain the issues each of us have with our identity held on up to 700 various databases. I mean, would you be happy if your personal information was as out-of-date, distorted, obscure or downright embarrassing as my photos illustrate? You can see why I can never visit Tokyo again!


We were repeatedly told that our Personal Identity Exchange is fundemental to the emerging Web 2.0 services and we are now looking to raise serious investment in 2006 to take PAOGA PIE to market.
Exhausted, I escaped with my wife to Mauritius for a weeks much needed R&R.
Another busy month ahead which includes chairing a session on Identity Management at The European e-Identity Conference in Barcelona. I’ll let you know how it goes when I get back.

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