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Matt and I had a very interesting meeting with David Tebbutt yesterday describing the PAOGA vision of an individual-centric world and our ambition to replace CRM (those 1000+ databases which hold all sorts of data about you and me and supposedly create a ‘relationship’) with your very own SRM (Supplier Relationship Management which provides you with your database so that suppliers consult you rather than the other way round). Just ask JP what he thinks of the ‘Relationship’ in CRM.

Now I’m sure David will forgive me for describing him as a respected and ‘experienced’ journalist who has heard it all before and approaches any IT ‘innovation’ with a healthy spadeful of cynicism. We therefore approached the interview with some trepidation knowing that his  opinion would certainly effect the views of not only our shareholders and potential investors but, more importantly, our potential PAOGApeople – individuals concerned about their identity and information being at risk for whom we want to provide an alternative to the status quo.
I was obviously delighted to see that, in the time it took us to drive back from the Tropic of Ruislip, David had already posted a 30,000ft overview of the PAOGA proposition on the Information World Review blog.

If you want to be informed when the PAOGA service will be available for you then you can register here.

We played a silly ‘introduction’ game around the dinner table at Innovate’o6 in Zaragoza in May. The idea is that everyone tells the table 3 things about them that they don’t know and one of them is a blatent lie. The object is to determine what is true and what is false. You wouldn’t believe how many IT ‘suits’ are frustrated rock stars! The reason for this tale is that one of my revelations is that ‘I am a Rune Master’ (from my time at Eddison/Sadd Editions back in the ’80’s) and recall with delight the look on the faces of 3i when I cast my rune stones in response to their request for ‘5 year financial projections’. I recall that the stones forecast was closer to the facts than the spreadsheet as the business was acquired within 2 years.

David’s colleague, Martin Banks (another ‘experienced’ journalist) is using the rune stones to predict the future of SOA. I look forward to a ‘rune duel’ with Martin soon.


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  1. David Tebbutt August 12, 2006 at 11:20 am #

    Nice one Graham. I’d been scouring the internet for information on your rune master role. Drawing a blank, apart from a story about your ‘book of the runes’ publishing exploits, I thought I had a scoop.
    Now you’ve blown it.
    Oh well, guess I’d better write some more about PAOGA.
    Good to meet you, by the way.

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