Health, Wealth and Happiness

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You can now sign up to PAOGAperson, free of charge.
I have been talking about this for a long time and now the journey begins.
Today you can:

  • Record all your personal identity details, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses etc.
  • Upload important scanned documents such as your Passport, Driving Licence, Birth Certificate, Diploma, Work Permit etc that you may need at a moments notice. You can also record where the original is kept (solicitor) and set reminders when a document (passport) is due to expire.
  • You can record numerous web site urls that are important to you with the user name and password. Now you don’t have to remember them you can take the opportunity to change passwords from an easy-to-remember word to stronger alphanumeric combinations.
  • You can record all your Credit Cards with PINs and contact numbers.
  • Key medical details and conditions (allergies, medication, organ donor wishes etc.) can be recorded and accessed by appropriate emergency services.

But, as I said – this is only the beginning of the journey for people who share our vision and want to claw back access, control and responsibility for the things that are important to them in an increasingly complex and insecure world.
We can’t take back the data about each of us held on an average of 1,000 different databases but we can provide you with the tools and services to defend yourself in the future from the ‘data muggers’.
Today we begin to address the ‘inconvenience’ of losing your Passport on holiday, having your wallet or bag stolen, forgetting your password, etc.
Yes, the User Interface and Navigation will be improved. Yes, we will  accomodate international addresses. Yes, we will be multi language as soon as we have critical mass, and more. We are already getting constructive criticism and feedback from registered PAOGApeople who will be driving our priorities. I sincerely hope you will be one of them. 
Now we are working on additional services that will increase the value of your information (validation, verification and certification) when you need to show it to a 3rd party and to be able to ‘market’ this valuable data to your approved suppliers ‘under your control, with your consent, for your benefit’. Many organisations have got rich trading and selling personal information about you over the years. PAOGA provides you with the marketplace so that, in the future, you can share in monetising (is that really a word?) the value of your data.
You know how this goes – The more people that register, then the quicker we can improve the service and increase the benefits, then the more organisations will sit up and listen to a group of like minded individuals who say "I want to do business with you, BUT using my rules of engagement."
To change the world for the better – you have to act.

Now – if you really want to see some of the thinking that is driving our development then have a look at recent posts from Matt, our Product Manager.
What PAOGA is about:
    "Life’s better when you’re in control"

A Personal EULA for my information:
    "Accept my EULA (or…  turning the tables)" (31/8)
    "Making personal EULA’s work" (1/9)
    "Fair use in identity" (1/9)
    "EULA, IRA, there is nothing new under the Sun" (1/9)
    "If not Creative Commons then what?" (1/9)
    "The EULA cuts both ways" (4/9)

The value of lifetime-identity
    "An identity is not just for christmas" (1/9)
    "SRM is about building value" (4/9)

A new approach to building web services
    "Dataslots not API’s?" (4/9)
    "What’s in a slot?" (7/9)


3 Responses to Health, Wealth and Happiness

  1. David Tebbutt September 21, 2006 at 8:03 am #

    So what will it cost and how do we know we can trust you?

  2. Graham Sadd September 25, 2006 at 4:43 pm #

    Our basic PAOGAperson service is FREE.
    We anticipate offering additional optional features and functions in the future which will carry a subscription fee.
    We also anticipate offering optional 3rd party services, such as verification and certification of information or documents you may store, which may be charged for.
    PAOGA will have to earn your trust.
    All I can say is that we are working closely with organisations such as the Office of the Information Commissioner and Privacy International to audit our methods and technology ensuring that we meet and maintain the highest ethical standards we can.

  3. Chris Duncan October 2, 2006 at 1:09 pm #

    I would guess the trust issue would come less from the privacy and security side than the positioning of future revenue generating services – particularly where these replicate services offered commercially by other third parties.
    Will also be interested to see how those with a clear interest in the current information model react to services like this.

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