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For all the constant ballyhoo in the media about Identity Theft and the importance of personal privacy we have often been asked "if allowing the individual to manage their identity is such a good idea, why is nobody else doing it?" As anyone who has sought investment knows, if you have no competitors then there is no market.
Therefore it is not so peverse of me to inform you that IBM have announced Identity Mixer to safeguard consumer identity on the web. It is a toolkit for developers, generously donated to the Eclipse Higgins project,  so it will be a while before it is commoditized for consumers to use.
You will be aware that PAOGA has been developing it’s ‘usercentric’ identity management service, PAOGAperson, for some time to provide individuals with convenience, peace of mind and the benefits of the value of their information – and it’s available today!
Today individuals are able to record various personal information which they, and only they, can access any time, any place, anywhere. This includes scanned images of important documents such as their Passport which is extremely useful if you lose it whilst abroad.
Of course it uses high quality encryption and various other unique features to ensure that the user is in complete control over who can see their information (including PAOGA).
As we begin to grow our user base we, like IBM, believe that companies and organisations who are ‘desperate to get out of the business of authenticating, digging up and holding information on customers they do business with online’ will appreciate the value of ‘usercentric identity management as providing considerable benefits to both them and their customers.

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