Freezing Cold but Heartwarming

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I must tell you – at 3am on a starry night in October in a field on the banks of the Thames it gets pretty cold.

Cold at 3am

Some of the 300 fellow Byte Night campers resorted to praying for morning.
Thank goodness the Banner team, Jesse, Belinda, Amelia and Rod (where did Steve go?) let me snuggle up with them.


Even I got fed up with my snoring (I managed a couple of hours sleep) and retired to the coffee tent with JP at 5am.
I don't think that my hands and feet felt warm until Saturday evening so goodness knows what the kids on the street will feel like this winter as it gets colder and wetter! As Ken Deeks said in his rallying speech "Action for Children is not just about caring but about taking action" and it's not too late for you to help as every penny really does reduce the number of homeless and vulnerable kids on the street.
My sincere and heartfelt thanks to all my generous friends who sponsored me contributing over £1,000 to the nearly £400,000 raised on the night – only another £100,000 to go to hit the AfC target.

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