Ahead in the Clouds

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Good day Wednesday at the Business Cloud Summit with, as Martin Banks and I agreed, a real buzz in the air which has been absent for some time. Stuart Lauchlan of Sift Media kept the event moving and the presenters on message. As usual, he asked the difficult questions that we were all thinking.

Cloud in the Public Sector
Adam Afriyie MP, Shadow Minister for Science and Innovation, stated his objectives as: Cut costs, No huge IT projects (lots of little clouds rather than one big G-Cloud), and Empower people (providing individuals with more control over their personal information). PAOGA can deliver all his requirements!

The CIO and the Cloud – Threat or Opportunity
I have never understood the semantic argument and confusion about the role of the CIO in an organisation. It seems to me that, in this information age, they should have the role of the Publisher in the publishing sector – i.e. they are legally responsible for the accuracy of ALL of the content created, acquired, stored and published by the organisation – it's where the buck stops! The CTO is responsible for ensuring that the hardware, software and services meet the organisations requirements. Am I missing something?

Critical Foundations for Cloud Computing: Platforms and Infrastructure
In an earlier session Anthony Lye, SVP Oracle CRM, stated that "Customers no longer Trust Vendors". Does this ring any bells??? This breakdown of Trust is not limited to vendors.
There had been numerous references during the day to Private Clouds, Public Clouds and the G-Cloud with 'security of our data' being the spurious excuse for delay. I thought that this was an opportune time to remind them of the importance of the Personal Cloud in which I, as an individual using VRM tools and services like PAOGA, can keep control over and responsibility for my Personal Information and take care of my security to a level appropriate to me.
What organisations (Public and Private) can do today, in Cloud or in Premise, is to issue and enforce a policy to STOP COPYING DATA!!! No more CD's, Memory Sticks or downloads to Laptops!



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  1. Cloud computing company February 25, 2010 at 4:51 pm #

    I always hear people saying that security is the major reason for not moving to the cloud but as you put it the cloud can prevent any more lost data disc sagas. Keep it in the cloud with secure access and our data will not get in the wrong hands, we hope 😉

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