VRM – Trust Matters

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MyCustomer.com publishes the second half of Doc Searls predictions and emerging forms of VRM but I couldn't resist adding a few to his list.

As a long
 advocate of VRM
or SRM as I used to call it back in the last century)
 I fully agree with Doc and the ProjectVRM core
principle of ‘user-driven’. However we at
 PAOGA prefer ‘user’ to ‘customer’ in this
context as we provide secure VRM tools and services extending beyond the
‘Vendor Relationship’ to enhance individuals participation in their
relationships as a citizen, patient, employee, client, student, et al. Let’s
call it XRM.

Doc provides a number of examples whereby VRM can provide significant mutual
benefits to both buyer and seller, I think there are a few more worthy of

Trust matters. If you have any doubts about the significance of trust in relationships, or the murky depths to
which it has sunk in recent times, then I would refer you to the book by
Anthony Seldon –
How we lost it and how to get it back
 (ISBN 978-1-84954-001-8). Trust
He quotes
Henry Stimson (1867-1950), the
 US statesman as saying“The only way
to make a man trustworthy is to trust him”
. All relationships, whatever
role we are playing, are enhanced by the appropriate level of trust and the
principles of VRM, providing the reciprocal to CRM in our digital world,
provides the necessary ‘two-way process’.

Because I’m worth it. No matter how high up the economic pyramid an
organisation sits it is supported at the base by us as individuals. It is us
who, through lack of trust, can bring down a government, cause a run on a bank,
or desert a brand. As such it is simply good business to respect and trust your
customer, employee, student, patient – and that includes protecting their
personal information and relationship data. Trading in personal information
without the owners’ permission is both illegal and unethical resulting in SPAM
making up over 80% of internet traffic. The internet is too valuable and
important to us all to abuse it this way and X-RM can fix this by providing the
tools for individuals to manage and take responsibility for their personal
information, wants and needs.

Is VRM Green? It could play a significant role as we, as individuals, become less
wasteful and more conscious of the financial and environmental costs of
unnecessary transportation. But that issue is for another


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