Web lockers under threat

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My Lords, you can't please the entertainment industry and sustain privacy

Cory Doctorow - guardian.co.uk, Thursday 4 March 2010 16.26 GMT

"The reason web lockers are used for piracy is that they support privacy. A call to end web lockers is really a call to eliminate the public's ability to exchange personal information out of sight of the wide world. The only way you can be sure that someone isn't using a web locker to share a bootlegged movie is by shutting off my ability to privately send my mum a video of my toddler in the bath."

The PAOGA secure digital safe deposit box is designed to give individuals the opportunity to tightly control access to their personal information, files and documents.
I don't believe that Lords Razzall and Clement-Jones, both Liberal Democrat peers, web censorship amendment to Peter Mandelson's Digital Economy Bill will be adopted given the negative implications for privacy and trust that many are trying to address in our digital world.


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  1. Matt Mower March 4, 2010 at 7:43 pm #

    I wrote to the two “noble” Lords yesterday to try and head off this vile amendment. At a time when the government is threatening our online liberty more than ever (at the behest of the media lobby this time) the last thing we need is the, so called, opposition making things worse!

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