Erasing David

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case you missed broadcast on
More4 then have a look at Toby
 of the Enterprise
Privacy Group excellent blog post on this 'scary' documentary.

individuals we appear to be unaware of the implications of spraying our
personal information around without any controls or benefits. The documentary
showed the extreme example of Dave's attempt at complete anonymity – he lasted
18 days!

exist and participate in any society we
must share relevant information
trusted suppliers and organisations, public and private, with whom we want a

we 'share' our money we will, depending upon the context
and the relationship;

  • hand over cash (no link back to you),
  • write a cheque (providing all our bank
    details and signature),
  • use a credit
     (a third party
  • make regular payments using a Standing Order or, if we really trust the relationship,
  • grant our supplier with a Direct Debit to take whatever money they want
    from our account.

need the same choices and controls when sharing our equally valuable
Personal Information


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2 Responses to Erasing David

  1. Robin Wilton May 6, 2010 at 8:46 am #

    Well put, Graham. I made the same points to Scott McNealy after his notorious “get over it” sound-bite. Then there’s all the ‘equally valuable Personal Information’ about what you’ve bought with your money, as opposed to how you paid for it…

  2. Graham Sadd - PAOGA May 6, 2010 at 10:37 am #

    Absolutely right Robin.
    As a key component of our TRM service and tools we will provide individuals with the ability to set their terms for sharing their valuable Personal Digital Information (PDI). This could include such conditions as:
    In exchange you will provide access to my ‘buying’ history with you.
    My PDI will be encrypted when stored.
    You are not authorised to share or sell my PDI to any other organisation without my express permission.
    You will advise me immediately of any data loss or security breach.
    The supplier will have to ‘accept’ my EULA or Policy if they want to do business with me.

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