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Some extracts from Camerons' speech at the Conservative Party Conference:

"The state of the nation is not just determined by the Government and by those who run it. It is determined by millions of individual actions – by what each of us do and what we choose not to do."

" . . But citizenship isn't a transaction  . . it's a relationship."

"We need to change the way we think about ourselves and our role in society."

"The countries that succeed will be those that find new ways of doing things . . better alternatives . ."

"It takes two to build that big society  . ."

Cameron Speech

I would welcome government leading by example and allowing citizens the chance to view, request corrections or updates, and use personal information and data held about them as a citizen. This would reduce costs, improve accuracy and facilitate legal compliance – all of which government has failed spectacularly. 

But many of these statements apply to business relationships with customers – extend your CRM to TRM allowing a 2-way trusted interactions and transactions. 

Regaining Trust builds Confidence and generates Wealth for the individual, business and the nation.


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