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Good day at the Business Cloud Summit 2010 yesterday participating on the panel analysing the rights and wrongs of the NHS IT strategy and potential of Cloud Computing given current economic conditions.

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Barry Evans, John Cruickshank, Graham Sadd and Gary Flood provide 'A Cloudy Health Check'

As 'Business' is in the title I was not surprised at the focus on data ownership and security, so I used the platform to remind people that the 'clients' owned their personal information and that a significant number of them are demanding more control over its use than current CRM systems, public or private – cloud or silo, allow. With control of course comes responsibility and many in the audience realised that, given appropriate data verification by Trusted Third Parties, the cost/compliance benefits of this transformation were attractive.

The points I raised relating to the health sector are equally relevant in the sectors addressing wealth (banks, insurance, etc.) and happiness (education, retail, travel etc.)

There was consensus that the 'blockers' to this global, disruptive but inevitable transformation were 'management defending legacy systems' and 'organisations financially dependant upon inefficiency'.


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