What does PAOGA do?

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Sony and their customers have suffered the problem that we are looking to address.

They have incurred huge costs and reputational damage because they are responsible for a 'honeypot' containing the personal and financial details of 77m individuals, their most valuable assets, who now don't trust them. 77m individuals who are now at risk of the fraudulent use of their identifying information which could cost them money and reputational damage with credit rating agencies etc.

According to Professor Andrew Blyth, head of information security research group at the University of Glamorgan "This is an organised crime marketplace".


PAOGA are building tools and services to allow companies like Sony to offer their customers the option to take back responsibility and store their personal information in their own secure data silo (1 of 1 NOT 1 of 77,000,000) which, with their permission, Sony can access relevant data as appropriate.

See the sub-heading "Sony hasn't taken care of my personal details. Why trust it?"

But Sony aren't the only one with this problem – the article also identifies other big data 'honeypots' which have been successfully attacked during the last 5 years including 100m records from a US credit card processing company, 45.7m from TJX (TJ Max), RBS who 'lost' £5.7m in 12 hours following a hack, and 38K customers of Cotton Traders. And these high profile organisations are just the tip of the iceberg!

Is it any wonder that, according to Christopher Graham, Information Commissioner,
"80% of people are concerned about their personal details online"?

You can see the article at The Sunday Times if you are a subscriber.



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