Do you really want to access UK public services through US Facebook and Google?

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Kelly Fiveash reports in The Register that "Facebook and other social networks [Google] could be used by British citizens to sign into public services online."

These two US companies have openly declared their ambition to 'own' all the data and personal information that passes through them – and, unless I am mistaken, that means that it will be subject to the US Patriot Act, potentially accessible to US government employees, rather than being subject to the UK Data Protection Act and European Privacy Directive.

In 2005 The Register published 'PAOGA – an answer to the privacy problem' by Ben King.
In 2008 The Register published 'PAOGA boosts your self-worth' by Martin Banks and
Computer Weekly published 'Stop whinging and respond to the consultation on "Additional Uses of Patient Data"' by Philip Virgo who refers in his article to ". . . my data is owned by me, under my control and I decide who sees and uses it: the approach of PAOGA and its clients, rather than that of the Secretary of State, who claims to "own" my medical record."

Regardles of press stories and lobbying I failed to convince David Blunket & Co of the cost and compliance benefits of Citizen input whilst they poured money into the ill-concieved National Identity Card and Register and the badly managed NHS Computerisation.

And then came the Financial Market meltdown followed by the Government Expenses scandal and, suddenly, "Trust me" was on everyone's lips.

In 2009 Business Cloud9 published 'Have the Tories found the answer to NHS IT?' I would draw your attention to the final paragraph comprising a response from Gwyn Headley to the prospect of US control.

New government; The Big Society (opposite of 'Nanny State' if you are still struggling for a definition), decentralisation, under your control, with your consent, for your benefit – Fantastic!

In 2010 Public published 'My Healthcare under my control, with my consent, for my benefit' welcoming the White Paper ‘Equity and excellence: Liberating the NHS’ –  issued by Andrew Lansley, Health Secretary – with a few suggestions.

BUT, Francis Maude, at the Cabinet Office, seems to think that the answer is to give control of UK citizens personal information to the USA! Does the Cabinet Office think that this will resolve the Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham's findings in January 2011 that "80% of people are concerned about their personal details online"?

Mr Maude – we have the skills, the technology, the infrastructure, the passion right here in the UK.
I strongly advise you to consider the interests of the British Citizen under British Law to protect and control our information. PAOGA isn't the only UK company who has been banging on your door with cost effective solutions to this growing problem.


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