Nothing to Hide?

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I had not heard of Truth-Out until Matt pointed me at this article.

Nothing to Hide: The False Tradeoff Between Privacy and Security

by: Daniel J. Solove, Yale University Press | Book Excerpt
I have often questioned the tangled semantics and interpretations surrounding Identity, Persona, Security, and, as Daniel Solove explains, Privacy.
He explains how the definition of Privacy can be, and is, described to suit the purpose of the proponent.
Try these arguments against the recent Wikileaks revelations and the current News International investigations. It is ironic that Gordon Brown and David Blunkett have both voiced their outrage about their personal privacy being abused having spent billions when in office trying to create personal information 'honeypots'.
Privacy is personal – You, and only you, know what you want to be private and when it is appropriate to share relevant information for a specific purpose. This applies to government Ministers as much as business managers, patients, citizens, students etc.
Spooky Fact – I viewed a property this week-end which, it turns out, was the home of George Orwell!



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