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It is said that you shouldn't design a software application that you wouldn't use or, better still, need yourself.

Having recently moved house I am amazed at the time and inconvenience involved in informing suppliers of our change of address. Some can be done online, some require that you download a form to sign and post, some want certified copies of documents, others say "just print out the email you sent me, sign it and pop it in the post – that will suffice."

I have copies of personal identifying documents being posted all over the country and being stored in filing cabinets goodness knows where at enormous cost and inconvenience for all concerned. The 'wet signature' still reigns albeit that legal practioners and security professionals assert that digital signatures carry more 'evidential weight'.

And as for BT – they really excel at customer alienation. It has taken 30 days, and counting, for them to change an incorrect voice message on a telephone redirect. For 30 days callers to our old number are being given an incorrect number which, when they call, they are told that they have dialled a wrong number. BT made the recording and BT issued our new number but, despite numerous fault reports, emails and telephone conversations with charming customer service reps from all over the world  and their supervisors (well that's what they told me) promising to attend to it immediately, nothing has been done! – same wrong voicemail directing callers to the same wrong telephone number.

To add insult to injury BT have offered not to charge me the £10 redirection fee for not providing the service - some compensation for the inconvenience and time that I have spent on this let alone the inconvenience of a month of lost calls! How about £1,000?

I can't wait to get PAOGAperson up and running so that I can keep my personal information up-to-date and appropriate data verified and documents certified so that my suppliers can do the work and 'come and get it' when I invite them.

I won't be inviting BT.


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