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Original article in The Economist which you can read here.

One of the concerns that individuals and organisations raise is included in the article.

There is a risk that if data lockers prove as useful as the start-ups claim, it could encourage bigger cloud-storage firms such as Google and Dropbox to barge in and grab their customers. Another danger is that locker users are tricked by disreputable companies or data thieves into exposing the masses of personal information in them, triggering a public backlash.

What the article doesn’t recognise is that PAOGA has focussed on the security aspects of Personal Lockers to ensure that access to their personal information is secure and that only relevant information is revealed under their control. Even the level of security for each transaction or document is uniquely encrypted so no-one can ‘barge in and grab’ anything unless the data owner allows them.

Think of a PAOGA personal data store as an individual’s Safe Deposit Box vault with each box    requiring both the owners and the recipients unique encryption keys.


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