The Personal Cloud Network joining Personal Data Stores

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If there is anyone in business who still needs to be convinced that there is a significant shift in the control and management of Personal Information from insecure organisational data silos to Personal Data Stores managed and controlled by the individual then have a look at Respect Network and the fast growing community of companies emerging to serve this market.

Some of the Respect Network Founding Partners - Nov 2012

Some of the Respect Network Founding Partners – Nov 2012

PAOGA are keen to collaborate and work with the community of like minded companies who recognise the benefits of user driven data stores to the individual, in their many roles, and their trusted suppliers of goods and services. We are particularly concerned with addressing the issues of individual privacy and business confidentiality which have been seriously compromised.

Confidence depends upon trust and, as citizens, consumers, patients, employees, students etc., we are continually disappointed by the cavalier attitude that organisations, public and private, treat and protect our personal data. The solution is for the concerned individual to take control of their personal data and to manage the sharing of relevant information with suppliers that have earned their trust. We are developing the platforms and tools to enable individuals to build, manage and share their personal information ‘under their control, with their consent, for their benefit’.

Just in case you still need convincing have a look at #3 on Gartner’s list of Top 10 Strategic Technologies of 2013.


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