Google claims not paying UK tax helps fundamental human rights

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Fascinating response  from Eric and Sergei to the ‘Persecution of Google’  in a ‘leaked’ letter to EU privacy authorities.

I repeat some interesting quotes from the letter:

  • “If you think Google’s privacy policy has any bearing on privacy you’re barking up the wrong tree”
  • “Google lives in the real world – not in the world of fantasy privacy policies.”
  • “. . . you cheerfully allow the US government and us to trample all over your citizens privacy.”
  • “Had you not hit us with a $22.5 million fine we wouldn’t even need to monetize data as much as we do to make up for the seven hours of lost profit you imposed on us.”
  • “And we achieve all this without paying the required amount of tax in places like the UK. That means we can make more profit and thus help fundamental human rights even more.”

I suggest you read the full text to understand the context of these quotes at The Privacy Surgeon, Simon Davies.

As you know, PAOGA is a strong defender of the rights of the individual to protect their privacy and for companies to protect their confidential information. We are also concerned that bureaucracy, red tape and unnecessary legislation can be counter-productive and inefficient, adding disproportionately to the cost of serving ‘consumers’, costs which are then passed on to the consumers by way of price rises.

Our solution is to provide the tools to allow individuals to control the levels of privacy over their personal information and for companies to protect their confidential information.


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