PAOGA, IdAssurance and midata

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Many years ago when we started PAOGA to address the issues of privacy and confidentiality online I said that “this is not a nice little business, it is either huge or nothing at all.”

We have spent considerable time educating and convincing various public and private organisations of the financial, compliance and marketing advantage of allowing individuals to manage their personal information “under their control, with their consent, for their benefit” but it took the Financial sector meltdown in 2008 and a change of government to realise the importance of Trust in any relationship.

I feel now that we are at a tipping point and that our patience and tenacity, not least from our shareholders, is about to pay off.

In recent times PAOGA has been recognised as a major player in this emerging market by international organisations including; VRM, PDEC, Respect, OIX and Privacy by Design. We have also been invited to participate in government initiatives including; Identity Assurance (Cabinet Office) and midata (BIS).

PAOGA is a founder of The Privacy Partnership, comprising PAOGA, Formscan and TrustID, and we have recently been invited by BIS, as one of three Personal Data Store providers, to participate in the midata Innovation Laboratory with a very select group of public and private organisations to develop the midata program. The objective is to provide individuals with access to personal information which is currently held in numerous data silos. This will enable us to download, synchronise, check, correct if necessary, and share with other organisations that we chose to enter into a relationship.

The initial populating our secure Personal Data Stores is a key challenge with data in various formats and in various locations. It has to be easy and it has to be quick but, once done, the benefits of cost and convenience for individuals and organisations will be significant.



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