Password & PIN is NOT enough

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A recent post, Why encryption is important to data security, by Simon Rice, ICO Group Manager, explains the dangers that many Data Controllers, who collect Personal Information about their customers, still seem to be unaware of, albeit that they have a legal obligation to protect this data.

He also emphasises that individuals have various tools and services available to encrypt their own personal information, data and documents.

There are major initiatives underway to encourage individuals, us as customers and clients, to communicate and interact online in order to reduce public and private organisations costs, improve service and to comply with their legal obligations. These organisations are offering financial  incentives to individuals to promote paperless online transactions.

But this is not enough as there are still valid public concerns that the information provided is not being adequately protected, or worse, being shared or sold without our knowledge or permission. Until these organisations realise that, in addition to convenience, Trust is critical to any relationship then the conversion from paper to digital will be painfully slow.

We believe that Personal Data Stores, which allow the individual to manage their personal information ‘under their control, with their consent, for their benefit’ will significantly address the concerns of Trust & Privacy.



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