8 years on – PAOGA Personal Clouds

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I was reminded today of a blog post written by Neil Macehiter of MWD back in 2006. He ‘got it’ then and still gets it.
As he concludes “The company is definitely attempting to address what I, and I am certainly not alone, believe is a key issue going forward as individuals transition more and more of their day-to-day activities to an online world and, as they do so, begin to recognise the importance of taking control of their identity, rather than leaving it to a multitude of service providers (commercial or public sector)”

And so to today, 8 years on, as Ctrl-Shift publish an interview about the need for PAOGA, an AntiSocial Network, to balance NOT replace Social Networks. Our objective has not changed as we move to provide highly secure Business & Personal Clouds in which the data owner is in control of the levels of security appropriate to the relationship and/or information, data or document being shared.

The need for confidence online is even greater today as businesses (and government) struggle to reduce costs, speed up service and reduce risks whilst retaining confidentiality and regaining Trusted Relationships with their customers, employees and suppliers.

Passwords, huge data stores, ‘wet signatures on hard copy’, fake documents and unverified identities are not the way forward. Online communications and transactions “under their control, with their consent, for their benefit” can be the answer IF customers regain trust in their privacy and protection from abuse of their data .

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