Respect Network launch with PAOGA in London

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Last Monday Respect Network launched the world’s first global network for trusted private data sharing, along with PAOGA as a Founding Partner and 70 other members, in its bid to restore privacy on the Internet.

This global collaboration requires adherence to the Respect Network Trust Framework, which we at PAOGA have long supported. There is much in the press as the Respect Network roadshow moves round the globe but we would point you at the piece in Diginomica.

Rehearsing my 2 minute speech.

Rehearsing my 2 minute speech

The first 1 million individuals can now contribute (£17/$25) to secure lifetime membership and their personal cloud name (mine is =grahamsadd) which, like a domain name such as, is yours, unique and portable between Cloud Service Providers (you have a choice) such as PAOGA.

Click here, read about the purpose and the benefits, choose your unique ‘cloud name’ (it will tell you if it is taken or available), then choose your CSP. Obviously we hope that you choose PAOGA as we are working hard to release out beta Personal Cloud for individuals as soon as we can.

After the first million cloud name registrations there will be an annual fee.


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