“Largest data breach known to date”

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Report on BBC today about a Russian group who has hacked 1.2 billion usernames and passwords belonging to more than 500 million email addresses from more than 420,000 websites . . . across the world.

  • Are you a victim?
  • Will you ever know?
  • Do you change your passwords regularly?

It is this sort of data breach which shakes confidence in online transactions. PAOGA allows you to access your chosen websites from within your secure PAOGA Personal Cloud and stores your user names, passwords and other log-in tokens, each strongly and uniquely encrypted.

More importantly it allows you to generate ‘strong’ passwords at a stroke for each the websites you visit WHICH YOU DON’T HAVE TO REMEMBER. Single sign-in from within your Personal Cloud. Not accessible to anyone but you, including PAOGA. Not stored in someone else’s ‘data vault’ where you have no idea of the strength of encryption, if encrypted at all. You are in control.

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