Bruce Schneier Data and Goliath

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We, at PAOGA, are not anti Social Networking and we use it a lot. However, like Bruce Schneier in Data and Goliath, we believe that there are many times and many reasons, for organisations and individuals, when privacy and security are appropriate. We recognised the imbalance on the internet some years ago and developed the concept of the AntiSocial Network for those times.

This 40 minute video discussing his book ‘Bruce Schneier – Data and Goliath’, reinforces our views and indeed we believe that we have the very solution that he espouses. He uses US examples but they are just as relevant globally.

In the same way that surveillance is not all bad, privacy and confidentiality does not suggest that you have something to hide. Personally, I am not concerned what government agencies can see BUT very concerned that other parties, commercial or criminal, can also use ‘back doors’ for their own purposes without my knowledge let alone permission.

There was a survey some years ago asking “Who do you trust?” with a list of choices including government, banks, solicitors, etc. The overwhelming response to the question was “ME!”

For that reason PAOGA has no ‘back door’, we have no copies of your private key and every interaction through PAOGA is individually and uniquely encrypted (in transit and at rest) and stored in a cloud of your choosing.


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